Geographic Information Systems is a fast growing field of technology, and new waves of students armed with the education of GIS are growing in great numbers. GMT provides internship programs to fresh graduates and new learners to understand the Indian Geospatial market. We provide the relevant work experience to our students and freshers that most entry level GIS jobs requires as Technician and Analyst. As an apprentice position interns are provide with hands on experience on Geospatial Technologies under the mentorship of more experienced GIS users.

GIS Career

  1. Building a GIS Career- The use of geospatial technologies is increasingly being used in a variety of fields.  GIS is being used in many different industries and the skills required to be a successful GIS professional have evolved over the year
  2. Learning GIS Software Applications
  3. Getting GIS Experience  
  4. Summer Internship Programme


We offer a wide range of real time industrial and research projects with both government and private organizations. Special training events are organised areas of high skill requirement in the field of Geospatial Technology. We offer both classroom instruction facility and E-learning experience is available in our center  for accomplishing GIS projects under expert hands. 

Following are some ongoing and completed research projects under GIS Mapping Technologies 

  1.  GIS application for mapping of Urban solid waste management Dispur
  2.  Rural wireless communication mapping
  3. GIS mapping of coal mines
  4.  Noise level mapping using gps and gis
  5.  GIS mapping of archaeological areas and historical places
  6.  Wildlife management of Animals, Plants of endangered species
  7.  Climatic variation using gis
  8. Fleet management and Traffic density management using GIS 2019
  9.  Urban flooding in Bangalore 
  10. Mapping of areas with majority of employees sector
  11. Application of GIS in Political Management

Do you want to know something important ?

A varied skill set serves you well. Adapt to technology and software change. Don’t ever stop training and don’t ever stop looking for a challenge. An expert in anything was once a beginner.