The Diploma program is aimed to provide in depth understanding of Geographic Information System (GIS), GPS, Remote sensing, satellite Image analysis, Global navigation satellite systems (GNSS), Data analytics, web gis, Web mapping Technologies and their applications in various fields viz. Urban and regional studies, forestry and ecology, agricultural and soil sciences, geo sciences, water resources, marine resources, health care sector, environmental studies, large scale mapping, Disaster management etc.

This program focuses on the following specialized areas:

  1. Geographical Information Systems
  2. Remote Sensing/Emerging sensors and Geodata processing
  3. GPS/Global Navigation Satellite Systems
  4. Digital Photogrammetry and mapping/Digital Image Processing
  5. Forest Resource smapping and Ecosystem analysis
  6. Geospatial analysis for Urban and Regional Studies/Urban area analysis/Urban Environmental studies
  7. Water resources: watershed analysis and planning, water resource assessment and strategic management
  8. High resolution aerospace and satellite data analysis and data collection foor natural hazard management
  9. 3D modelling using GIS/Hydrological modelling, terrain modelling, urban area modelling
  10. Web GIS, Geospatial analysis forsmart city projects/traffic management/Urban crime management, Network analysis

Course Details

  • Course Name: Diploma in Geographic Information System GIS
  • Fee structure: Rs 58,800/-
  • Course Duration: 3 months
  • Mode of training: Both E-learning/Classroom
  • Tools Exposed: Arc GIS 10x, Quantum GIS, Map guide, Arcswat, Earth explorer, ISRO Bhuwan, Web GIS
  •  Eligibility: Post graduates/Under graduates/Professionals/Research Fellows
  • GIS Certification from GIS Mapping Technologies
  • Experience letter/Trainee letter from GIS Mapping Technologies
  • Work in Live Projects, NGO’s/Government Organizations/Private companies

Industry Projects

Learn through real time industry projects sponsored by top companies across industries       

  • Solve actual industry problems designed by experts
  • Engage in collaborative projects
  • Get an oppourtunity to upgrade your skills with the industry experts                 

Data analytics and Tools covered

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