Fast Track GIS Certificate Course

GIS Mapping technologies has a complete gis learning program focuses on strengthening on the academic and the user segments in GIS Technology and its application. This program is developed to train new learners and professionals in the field of Remote Sensing, Geoinfomatics and GNSS technology for Natural Resources, Environmental and Disaster management. The syllabus is an curated extract to match the requirements in companies with an excellent job success rate.

The course covers the following areas

Theory and Practical classes

  1.  Introduction to GIS Software
  2.  Georeferencing and Projection
  3.  Spatial Data Analysis
  4. Preparation of Non Spatial Data, Linking Spatial and Non Spatial Data
  5.  Spatial and Non Spatial Query and Analysis
  6.  Vector Data Analysis
  7. Network Analysis and Modelling
  8.  Map Composition and Publishing
  9. Hydrology and Watershed Analysis
  10.  Terrain Modelling
  11.  Demo on Earth Explorer and Satellite data download
  12.  Demo on commercial GIS Software
  13.  Web GIS/ Web GIS Services
  14. Assessment 

Course Details

  • Course Name: Short Term GIS Training
  •  Course Fee: Rs 16,000/-
  •  Course Duration: 15 days
  • Mode of Training: Both E-learning and classroom
  •  Tools Exposed: Quantum GIS, Arcgis, Earth pro, Web gis
  •  Eligibility: Under Graduates, Post Graduates, Professionals
  •  GIS Certification from GIS Mapping Technologies

Do you want to know something important? 

GIS is awakening the world to the power of geography and bringing us into an era of Geographic enlightenment. GIS is a green technology that is helping us in making better decisions by unleashing data’s potential in every industry.